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Welcome to "Quiz on ERP".

You can test your Oracle E-Business knowledge by taking these quizzes.

I have carefully created these questions to test the skills required by a functional consultant on a day to day basis. These are not the questions from past certification exams as such. However you can take these tests before writing an exam or before going to a job interview, to check your knowledge level.

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I welcome you to join Oracle-Business Suite training program that I run at http://HandsonERP.com, the object of which is to make you a functional consultant. I have broken complex topics into easy to understand components and have delivered them in an easy to follow step by step tutorials.

Quiz questions are added regularly. Keep visiting us at QuizOnERP.com to test your knowledge.

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Hasan Mir

Last modified: Sunday, 29 July 2012, 11:48 PM

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